Notebook is a printed publication that brings together the four graduation exhibitions of the Curating Contemporary Art MA Programme at the Royal College of Art.

Due for release in May 2015, Notebook will include curatorial essays by each exhibition project group; commissioned responses by international artists, writers and critics; documentation of the exhibitions and an interpretive essay.

The publication draws influence from Doris Lessing’s 1962 novel The Golden Notebook, a book in which individual identities are split into categories through an inability to conceive of the self as a whole in the present. Divorced with a young child, and fearful of going mad, the protagonist Anna Wulf records her experiences in four coloured notebooks: black for her writing life, red for political views, yellow for emotions, blue for everyday events. But it is a fifth notebook – the golden notebook – that finally pulls these wayward strands of her life together.

Editorially, the publication seeks to foreground the heterogeneity of the four exhibitions rather than bring them together under an umbrella theme. As such, the publication too divides itself into four discrete sections, where each exhibition operates individually rather than relationally. Following this, there will be a fifth discrete space, a space of synthesis. As a final note, this section reflects on the four exhibitions, and suggests possible crossovers and shared concerns across the four distinct exhibitions.

Click on the links below to see each group’s curatorial essay:


Black Box Formula

Echo Chamber

statement house (temporary title)

Whose Game Is It?